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This way. Teenagers frequently try to sneak looks at the temple and go into the woods around here for their activities, Rigel said with narrowed eyes. It's become more common since we closed the area to tourists. We don't pay them any mind so long as they don't disturb the property. Is that right? Beck followed up, disbelieving. In the meantime, Woodham wandered her down the path, coming closer and closer to our hiding spot. Ty's arm tightened with every step, his fingers clutching, squeezing against my poor, poor rib cage. I couldn't help it. It just squeaked out. I opened my mouth and a high-pitched ah popped out, just loud enough to catch Woodham's attention. Ty and I shot down, lowering our heads under the open window. Oh, no, no. What have I done? I put a hand over my eyes to hide the glow that would give us away. The gr crunched, getting closer and closer. It best sex toys for women was almost to the door. Ty's body tensed, and he shifted his legs into a crouch, prepared to rush at the entrance the moment it opened. Can I help you with something, Deputy Woodham? For women the first time in my google life, I was relieved to hear that smug voice and smell that cancerous cigarette smoke. Wah! I-I-I didn't see you there, ma'am, Woodham squealed back, voice a pitch higher from being startled. I just thought I heard something coming from inside this building here. Oh, yes, you're right, Meissa agreed, and I opened my mouth, aghast. There's two rather big rats that have recently taken residence in that one. A big problem now that many of the buildings don't get used like they should. Would you like to see? What was she thinking? N-no, thank you, Woodham turned down swiftly, voice still hitched. We've got our own problem down at the jail, so I've seen all the rats I can stand. But you should probably do something about them soon. Leave them alone long enough and they'll start mating, and then you've got a real mess. I could practically feel Meissa's smirk shift the very atmosphere itself. Yes, that would be a disaster. Those two big rats in there mating like horny teenagers. Nothing but trouble for me. My whole body was on fire. I just wanted to die right then and there. Why was she doing this? She knew I was in here with Ty. Sometimes I really, really hated that woman. I glanced up at Ty, and his blue eyes shifted down to look at me. The orbs glinted with mirth, and I could tell he was fighting a smile. Did he really think best sex toys for women this was funny? Wasn't he embarred by Meissa's horrible sense of humor? The sound of Woodham moving through the gr once again started up, drawing Ty's attention back to the window. Ha, that's one way to put it, ma'am, he replied, suddenly sounding very nervous. Um, ma'am, your granddaughter . . . What about her? Um, is-is she – Woodham! The sheriff's voice blasted through the air like a cannonball. Get over here, Woodham! We're leaving. These people keep insisting Fairheit isn't here and won't let us look around. She isn't here, and you have no legal standing to search through our personal belongings, Sheriff, came Rigel's icy answer. For now, sir. Let's not waste any more time here, Woodham. We're heading out to Callahan's. I hear best sex toys for women he's been seen around this place, as well, the Sheriff said, making sure his meaning was clear. But since we can't do anything about that either, we'll go